High Pressure Cleaning

Blast unsightly dirt, stains, and help keep the mould away with our professional high pressure cleaning service. We are able to pressure clean all your dirty interior and exterior hard surfaces including driveways, pavers, footpaths, brickwork, walls, eaves, courtyards, fences, decking.

Mackay Office Cleaning combines state of the art pressure cleaning technology with our highly skilled cleaning technicians enables us to provide a wide range of water blasting solutions for everything from the largest buildings and public spaces to residential homes, driveways & tennis courts.

High pressure cleaning is an economical service which brings life back to the exterior of your property as well as helping to keep the mould at bay, making your property a clean, safe and healthy environment for everyone. Mackay Office Cleaning are experienced high pressure cleaners and we understand the varying needs for clients in the industrial and commercial sector. We understand the need to manage risk, environmental compliance and safe work practices. Mackay Office Cleaning delivers a prompt service that does not disturb the running of your business.

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Mackay Office Cleaning