Dispenser Hand Towel Multifold/Slim


Dispenses one sheet of paper towel at a time

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The Multifold Slim dispenser is suitable for smaller washrooms and cubicles. It suits any folded towel with an approximate 8-8.5cm measurement of the folded depth of the towel, regardless of the length. This folded towel dispenser is suitable for a variety of washrooms and other environments needing a simple towel dispensing solution, such as shared bathrooms, kitchens and other hand washing areas.


The Multifold is a lockable dispenser that keeps the paper towels dry and clean. Dispenses only one sheet of paper towel at a time, making it very hygienic & economic.

  • Dispenses one sheet of paper towel at a time.
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to clean surfaces maintaining a professional and hygienic appearance
  • Slim profile wall mounted hand towel dispenser
Packing Outer:
Packing Inner:
Measurement:W.31.5cm H.29.5cm D.12.5cm
Suitable Products:3842 3824 3855 3888

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