Commercial Regular Frequency

The most effective way to maintain a highly clean office space is by selecting a Regular Frequency service. The frequency of the service visits is entirely up to your discretion be it once per week to a daily clean. In order to choose the best frequency you need to look at a few factors, such as the type and size of your business.

We also offer many additional special services such as window cleaning, tea towel washing, buffing of polished floors are more than happy to include these as part of a customized service that’s tailored to your companies exact requirements.

Our regular frequency service packages could take around 1 to 3 hours per evening to complete. This depends on the size of your building and frequency of cleaning required. If your building hasn’t been cleaned in awhile, or if you’d prefer a more detailed and thorough cleaning service, our other cleaning packages may be more suitable commercial spring clean or our commercial vacate clean.

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