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Do you clean your office as regularly as possible? Have you hired a professional to ensure that your office space is dirt and germ-free? Do you think that keeping your commercial building sparkling clean isn’t such a big deal? If your answers to these questions are negative, then you may need to make some changes.

Regardless of your business type, it’s essential to prioritize cleanliness and office hygiene at all times. Not only does regular office cleaning make your customers comfortable, but it also reduces your risks of infections and viruses. This is particularly important considering that we are still dealing with a pandemic. According to CNBC, 66% of employees want better office cleaning practices before returning to work.

In this article, we have discussed why cleaning your offices regularly isn’t something to compromise on. More than just cleaning your office, you must ensure that it’s appropriately done by employing the services of professionals. After all, anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Let’s get started on the benefits of a regular office clean.

7 Reasons Why Regular Office Cleaning Is Important 

Cleaning your commercial spaces regularly is essential for these reasons:

A Professional Look and a Good First Impression

Do you want to attract new customers and ensure that they stay loyal to your brand? Then, invest in a clean office. Regular office cleaning gives your office a professional look. It will make your clients feel that they’re in an important place.

Dirty business spaces make you look amateurish and clumsy. Such a negative impression can hurt your brand perception as no one wants to do business with a messy person. 

Happier Employees and Clients

It’s common knowledge that environmental factors can affect peoples’ moods significantly. While a clean office can boost employees’ morale, a dirty and disorganized office does quite the opposite. Not many workers and clients can remain happy and satisfied in a chaotic environment. According to Forbes, positive employee morale is a key performance indicator for business success.

Fewer Sick Days 

Did you know that the average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat? A dirty work environment is the perfect breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. As such, without regular office cleaning, you’re predisposing your employees to infections and diseases. 

Subsequently, your workers will take more sick days and cause substantial profit losses for your business. No commercial organization should deal with huge losses due to unclean office spaces.

Increased Productivity

Employees are more productive when they’re happy and healthy. A clean workspace contributes to their satisfaction. According to statistics, happy workers are up to 20% more effective than unhappy ones. For salespersons, happiness leads to a 37% increase in sales.


It’s easy to think that scheduling regular cleaning will cause a drain on your finances. However, this isn’t the case, especially if you’re thinking in the long term. Dirt buildup can destroy appliances and expensive office materials that you may need to replace. Cleaning your office often also saves the cost of treating sick employees while preventing profit losses from sick leaves.

Less In-House Stress 

The surest way to ensure that your office is always clean is by hiring professional commercial cleaners. This ensures that your workers don’t have to deal with the extra task of tidying up now and again. It reduces their stress levels and also contributes to their productivity.

Improved Air Quality 

Regular office cleaning ensures that your workspaces smell nice. It improves the air quality, making your workers less susceptible to asthma and other respiratory diseases.

How Often Should I Schedule My Office Cleaning?

How often you should clean your office depends on these factors:

Number of Employees

Does your company have many employees? Then you may need to clean your floors and carpets every week as more workers mean more dirt.

Business Size and Features 

Large business spaces with many features may require sector-by-sector cleaning over a week.

Type of Cleaning 

Generally, regular office cleaning can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. However, you should deep-clean your workspace twice a year.

Office Area 

If you own a medical office, you’ll require daily cleaning. Restrooms, kitchens, and lobbies may need multiple cleans per day.


We cannot overemphasize the importance of regular office sanitation. From boosting productivity to increasing sales and strengthening brand loyalty, the benefits of routine office cleaning are numerous. 

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