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With the emergence of the Omicron variant, adopting new cleaning habits is critical for every home. Like other variants of the Coronavirus, Omicron spreads from the nose and mouth through respiratory droplets. This means they can be spread easily through airborne or contact with infected surfaces. 

To prevent the spread and keep your family safe, it’s crucial to learn best cleaning practices in the New Year. Additionally, inculcating these practices will help you maintain and improve your overall wellness, enabling you to enjoy the year in the perfect state with your family.

This article will discuss simple and practical habits you can introduce into your routine to keep your home clean all through the year. 

Let’s get right into it. 

Best cleaning habits to adopt in the New Year 

There are specific cleaning habits that are essential to practice in the New Year. Let’s examine them below:

Hire a professional cleaning service

Hiring a commercial cleaning service is one of the best habits you can adapt to keep your home constantly clean in the New Year. Professional cleaners will pay attention to the details of your home and clean them thoroughly. They also have the experience and the right materials to clean your home. 

Additionally, it’s easier to stick to your cleaning routine with a professional cleaning service because they will consistently show up to clean your home even when you are caught up with other responsibilities. They will save you the stress of cleaning, provide and maintain cleaning supplies, making it easier for you to keep a clean and safe environment. 

Daily cleaning 

Everyday cleaning habits are crucial to keep the house spotless and free of germs. So, the first best practice to adopt is to create a list of cleaning habits to do daily. Wipe down sinks, counters, and surfaces with disinfectants. 

Clean and disinfect doorknobs, and vacuum high traffic areas such as your kitchen and living room, clean the dishes after every meal, wash dirty clothes and organize them appropriately. Introduce these simple cleaning habits into your routine, and your home will be in a clean, spotless, and germ-free state. 

Cut down clutter 

Clutter makes your home clumsy and disorganized, leaving room for germs and dirt to thrive. Therefore, the best cleaning habit to adopt is to declutter your home often. Keep what is necessary and get rid of irrelevant and unwanted items. 

Additionally, avoid purchasing what you already have in your home unless you want to replace an item. This will help you cut down clutter, and keep your home spacious, organized and clean for the year. 

Perform regular deep cleaning 

Deep clean frequently this year. Rather than limit it to twice a year, consider deep cleaning every quarter of the year. Although it may be a daunting task, it pays off. It eliminates germs and bacteria, removes dirt, and improves your home’s air quality. 

Enhance your home’s air quality 

Proper ventilation gets rid of indoor pollutants and makes your home less stuffy. It will help you expel impurities, unpleasant odor, and moisture to keep your home’s air quality clean, fresh, and free of germs. 

Consider using a portable, High-efficiency Particulate Air Cleaner (HEPA) to filter the air and trap particles that you exhale when you breathe, talk, cough or sneeze in the home. 

How a commercial cleaning service can help you 

While you can adopt some healthy cleaning habits by yourself, hiring a professional cleaning service makes the process easier and more convenient. But other than these; there are other reasons why employing the services of a commercial cleaning service may be the best cleaning habit to adopt this year. Let’s take a look: 

Perfect tools for a better job 

Professional cleaners have the best materials to clean your home better. They know the right cleaning product to use to get rid of the stains and contaminants in your home. They also know the best materials that are safe for your home to protect your upholstery and other properties you have. 

So, rather than run the risk of purchasing the wrong cleaning products, or spend money purchasing suitable cleaning materials, you can hire a professional cleaning service. They will supply the appropriate materials  required to meet your home’s unique cleaning needs. 

Saves time 

There’s something else you would rather be doing than cleaning. Rather than spend tons of time cleaning your home, a professional cleaning service can help you save time so you can focus on other responsibilities. This way, you can keep your home clean consistently, while chasing other goals you have for the year. 

Expert cleaning services 

Professional cleaners do more than basic house cleaning. They provide special cleaning services like deep and upholstery cleaning that keep every area and furniture of your home exceptionally clean. This eliminates deeply ingrained dirt and contaminants lurking in corners, keeping your entire home spotless throughout the year.


The New Year is a perfect time to pick up new cleaning habits to stay healthy and safe. This article discussed the best cleaning habits you can adopt to keep your home clean and your families safe throughout the year. 

The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone; you can hire professionals like Mackay Office Cleaning. We offer a range of residential and commercial cleaning services to relieve you of the stress associated with cleaning and save your time.