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In responding to market demand, Clean Plus Chemicals is proud to announce the ten products were rigorously assessed, approved and certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia).

A Sustainable solution for the planet and people.

  • Biodegradable formulas
  • Helps reduce pollution
  • Septic tank suitable
  • No harmful chemicals
  • A safe working environment

Mackay Office Cleaning are now stockist of this range and can be purchased from our Stock Shop at

G1 – Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid

Concentrated Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid. An environmentally responsible product, boasting tremendous fat emulsification properties and readily biodegradable surfactants.

G2 – Multi Purpose Spray & Wipe

Multi-Purpose Spray & Wipe with a pleasant citrus fragrance. An environmentally responsible product that is tough on stubborn stains. G2 is ideal for use in commercial kitchens and all other public areas.

G3 – Washroom Cleaner Maintainer

Heavy Duty Washroom Cleaner – Maintainer with fresh fragrance. G3 contains readily biodegradable acids and surfactants formulated to clean, disinfect and deodorise all surfaces in washroom areas.

G4 – Air Freshener Disinfectant

Concentrated 3 in 1 Air Freshener, Cleaner & Disinfectant with a pleasant floral fragrance. G4 boasts readily biodegradable surfactants and high-quality disinfectant, cleaning and deodorising properties.

G5 – Antibacterial Floor Degreaser

Antibacterial Degreaser & Disinfectant with a pleasant citrus scent. G5 boasts readily biodegradable surfactants and removes the toughest stains, grease and fat soils. Suitable for most washable floor areas.

G6 – HD Window

Concentrated formula. It boasts superior cleaning, fast drying and streak free capabilities. G6 is best proportioned through automatic mixing stations or applied manually on all mirrors, windows, glasses, office desks and computer screens.

G7 – Hand & Body Wash

All In 1 Hand & Body Wash with a fresh fragrance. G7 Produces rich lathered foam, with emollients, readily biodegradable surfactants and coconut derivatives for a smooth and soft feel. G7 is Ideal for plastic and stainless-steel dispensers.

G8 – Antibacterial Hand Wash

Antibacterial Hand Wash non-perfumed. G8 boasts environmentally responsible ingredients and antibacterial agents. G8 is ideal for schools, nursing homes, restaurants and food processing establishments.

G9 – Foam Hand Wash

Foam Hand Wash with a pleasant fragrance. G9 is an environmentally responsible product which produces rich FOAM in just 1 press, is gentle on hands and leaves you feeling refreshed. G9 is ideal for everyday use through our refillable dispensers.

G10 – No Rinse Sanitiser

Hospital Grade No Rinse Sanitiser. G10 kills 99.9% of the most common bacteria’s through our powerful QUAT formulation. G10 is ideally used in food processing areas, hospitals, nursing homes or as a spray & wipe sanitiser. G10 Can be used on food prep benches, chopping boards, cooking utensils, floors and almost all surfaces.

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