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Did you know this about toilet paper?

The consumption of toilet paper indicates more about culture, standard of living and economic situation than you might believe. Metsä Tissue is a true expert in the field – after all, for instance the Mänttä mill in Central Finland started to manufacture crepe toilet paper in the early 1900s. Did you know these seven facts about toilet paper?

  1. Toilet paper was first introduced in the 7th century in China, where very soft and scented toilet paper was manufactured for China’s imperial family.
  2. Toilet paper was put on rolls for the first time in the late 1800s in the United States.
  3. A single, medium-sized tree offers enough raw material for more than 1,000 rolls of toilet paper.
  4. In Europe, an average of 10.3 kg of tissue paper per person is used annually. Globally, the US is in first place; approximately 25 kg of various tissue paper is consumed per person there.
  5. Lambi, the most popular tissue paper brand in the Nordic countries, was introduced in Sweden in 1965 under the name of Vita Lamm.
  6. Growth in the demand for tissue paper walks hand-in-hand with general prosperity and an increase in the level of hygiene. As there are no replacement products for tissue paper, its basic consumption remains stable despite economic fluctuations. When the economic situation improves, more diverse products are used and tissue paper adds a bit of luxury.
  7. The toilet paper preferences of consumers vary from one market area to the next. For example, Finnish consumers favour high-quality, soft and white paper. Then again, Russian and Polish consumers prefer colourful, patterned and scented paper.

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